About us

International Group on Aviation and Multimodal Transport Research - IGAMT

The International Group on Aviation and Multimodal Transport Research is an interdisciplinary group of international researchers working with organizations that have a common interest in transportation. The group is associated since 2016 with the Dutch Benelux Simulation Society. The distinction of this group with consultants is that we perform strong and solid scientific-based studies and consultancy. The members are not only experts in their knowledge area but also recognized scientists in their specific areas of expertise. The tools, methodologies, and technology that the group develops and put in practice, is at the edge of knowledge, providing an important innovative component to the solutions proposed. All these elements together allow us to perform projects and analyses with a solid scientific base proposing innovative solutions tailored for the client organization.

Our mission is centered on the advancement and development of the IGAMT at both national and international levels. We are steadfast in our commitment to consistently deliver high-caliber research, knowledge dissemination, extension services, and innovation. Additionally, our vision encompasses establishing IGAMT as a globally recognized authority in its specialized fields.

Our dedication extends to the continued harmonization of our knowledge, fundamental and applied research, as well as activities related to extension and knowledge propagation. This synchronization is founded on a wealth of international experience and responsiveness to both local and global demands. Moreover, it is our aim to translate acquired knowledge into the cultivation of human resources and serve as a pivotal link among diverse stakeholders through research, knowledge transfer, extension, and innovation endeavors. Our overarching objective is to prioritize innovation and technological modernization within the framework of sustainability and societal concerns, all guided by a holistic systemic approach.

Ultimately, our vision is to solidify our position as a benchmark institution on national, regional, and international scales within the domains that IGAMT is dedicated to. This accomplishment will be fortified by our unwavering commitment to bolster collaboration among the public sector, private sector, and society at large. Our ultimate goal is to make a substantial contribution to productive development, with a profound emphasis on innovation, sustainability, technological modernization, and the tailored generation of solutions rooted in a robust scientific foundation that aligns seamlessly with both national and international imperatives.

Additionally, we aspire to play a pivotal role in advancing the national strategies for science, technology, and innovation as delineated in the respective national plans.

Our core values are as follows:

Integrity and Objectivity: We uphold the highest standards of honesty and impartiality in all our endeavors.

Commitment to Human Development and Social Sustainability: We are dedicated to fostering human growth and promoting social sustainability through our actions and initiatives.

Professional Ethics: We adhere to the highest ethical standards in all aspects of our work.

Working Group participants:

  • Economists
  • Operations Research Specialists
  • Transport Logistics Specialists
  • Aviation Operations Specialists
  • Safety and Security Specialists
  • Planning Specialists
  • Data Scientists
  • Telecommunication specialists