International Group on Aviation and Multimodal Transport

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The following are some of the services IGAMT offer:

  • Data analytics for different areas of practice
  • Training on modeling, simulation, analysis and optimization of systems
  • Analysis of rare events (earthquakes, flooding, disruption among others.)
  • Expert Support on Multimodal Infrastructure Projects
  • Evaluation of Technical Documents
  • Societal Impact Studies
  • Risk identification in Infrastructure Planning
  • Scenario Analysis to Infrastructure Projects
  • Analysis and simulation of planned systems and infrastructure
  • Performance and operational analysis of planned infrastructure
  • Complexity analysis, modelling and capacity of complex infrastructure multimodal systems
  • Master Planning
  • Peak Analysis and forecasting
  • Virtual development of Infrastructure
  • Optimization of systems
  • Forecasting of demand
  • Emission analysis and environmental footprint analysis
  • Congestion and pollution vs. commercial revenue


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La Plata - Argentina

Lima - Perú